The perfect solution for covid-19 prevention and disinfection in any business.

With the press of a button, guests are misted for about 4 seconds with a skin-safe disinfectant. One moment with mouths and eyes closed for misting, and everyone who enters your business is disinfected!


  • Material Construction: Metal and Coroplast, PVC or Acrylic
  • Dimensions: Height 6.56Ft , Length 6.23Ft, Width 1.96Ft
  • Electrical: 110 Vca.
  • Formal Use: Semi-automatic, controlled by a switch that activates the arc for a defined time.
  • Approximate Structure Weight: 22 – 60 lbs
  • Sanitizing Solution: none (customer preference)
  • Emissions: None. Does not require running water connection or drainage.
  • Aspersion: 1 oz for 4 second periods
  • Will spray approximately 640 times per 5 Gallon Container
  • System with 4 nebulizer micro-sprinklers strategically distributed in the structure


$2500.00 Coroplast Stand Alone arch  (For Personalized Arch add $200.00)
$3000.00  PVC Stand Alone arch  (For Personalized Arch add $200.00)                                                    
$3500.00 Acrylic Arch multi-color lighting


Pricing varies based on preferences.

Contact, 210-314-0586 for availability, shipping times, and installation.


Sani-Arch Disinfection Machine

$3,000.00 Regular Price
$2,500.00Sale Price