The PPE Shortage Nightmare is NOT Over — It’s Getting WORSE Everyday

Given the lack of coverage in the media on supply chain shortages of medical grade personal protective equipment (PPE), it would seem the crisis is over, and horror stories of early 2020 shortages of PPE, medicines, and hospital supplies is now a history lesson.

Think again.

In February, March, and April, prices on protective masks, both N95 and cheaper three-ply, skyrocketed to 10X pre-pandemic pricing. After prices doubled, tripled, and doubled again, hospitals and medical facilities learned to make due with reusing masks, disinfecting used masks in UV light machines, or settling for the cheaper 3-ply that is often the only product available (at horrendous prices).

Today N95 mask prices have stabilized at 10X the pre-pandemic price. Most medical workers still do not have adequate N95 mask supplies, and many are reusing N95's far longer than recommended for safety.

Many medical healthcare workers wear cloth masks with stylish designs that have no test data regarding airborne pathogen filtration. Cloth masks were never intended for medical personnel - only to protect the public in quick moments of casual passing contact with strangers.

Cloth masks are not recommended for medical use.

And everyone remembers the mad scramble for hand sanitizer which disappeared from stores in early March... only to be replaced with weird brand names no one had ever heard of before.

Hand sanitizer producers blasted out product as fast as possible, wiping out the world's supply of cheap alcohol, only to find that large stock piles of poorly made sanitizer had too low of an alcohol percentage, or were contaminated with methanol and propanol.

In June the FDA created a ban list of sanitizer that grew to over 200 different products. Warnings and reports are still coming in daily of bad sanitizer causing problems or brands showing up with garbage lab test results.

Now the shortage is in medical exam gloves. And some overseas brands are off limits to US buyers due to quality concerns. (ex: Vgloves)

Fake medical gloves?

Yes, there is such a thing as fake medical gloves. Unscrupulous brokers falsified documentation and labeling to sell substandard gloves as "medical exam gloves."

Don Ecker, executive director of supply chain for Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, NJ, says the hospital uses 300,000 gloves per month, which now costs the acute-care facility three times the amount for gloves than prior to the pandemic. He asserts that supply "has dropped off the face of the earth" while demand "has gone through the roof."

The world now faces the worst spike of hospitalizations of our lifetimes. PPE supply chain problems that went unresolved for months are headed for complete failure, again.

Its not over.

So where can companies and medical facilities turn to in the chaos and unscrupulous price gouging, if the US government refuses to take control of the medical PPE supply chain?

Briter World is here, and we are doing everything we can to support your business needs for wholesale, high quality, medical grade PPE at the lowest market prices achievable.

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