Nitrile medical gloves selling out worldwide! Order now or wait until APRIL 2021 for shipping!

Demand for nitrile medical exam gloves is higher than ever before.

Prices are skyrocketing on US supplies. From $10 to $15, and now $20+ PER BOX, wholesale.

Overseas suppliers are taking orders for APRIL 2021 delivery.

America faces a PPE shortage far worse than March 2020.

Order now or wait until middle of next year!!!

Time is running out. Medical supply chain in America is drastically close to failure!

Call immediately to secure your supply of wholesale price Latex & Nitrile medical exam gloves, before its too late!

Briterworld has limited supply available at rock bottom market pricing. When its gone, no one in America will get new shipments before APRIL 2021.

Contact Chris Carter immediately at 210-373-8932 or

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